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Forever Evelops My Days

I decided my bio was long over due for an overhaul, but I can't be bothered to think of and/or make anything new right now, so I just took it down altogether. Anything you want or need to know about me you can probably find out by looking at my interests or reading my journal, anyway.

1tym, 2ne1, 54-71, amuro namie, antiques, art, astronomy, avatars, barenaked ladies, beau sia, being human, big bang, british television, cherry filter, colberain, comedians, comedy central, coupling, crystal kay, darren hayes, deadman, def poetry, deva, dir en grey, doctor who, documentaries, eddie izzard, ellegarden, eve, fake?, family, firefly, flea markets, fly to the sky, foreign films, france, french, french music, friends, fry & laurie, futon, g.gorilla, gdyb, glay, greek, h.o.t, hale, hide, hwaiting.net, hyde, icons, japan, japanese pop, japanese rock, jinusean, jpop, jrock, jtl, kate miller-heidke, ken lloyd, killing heidi, korea, korean pop, korean rock, kpop, krock, l'arc~en~ciel, learning about cultures, lewis black, life on mars, lost, love psychedelico, m-flo, matryoshka, mayu kitaki, mcdean, mongol 800, monoral, movies, music, musicals, nell, never mind the buzzcocks, no brain, oblivion dust, our lady peace, paint shop pro 7, pcf, photoshop, pia, placebo, plastic tree, pop culture forum, psycho le cemu, qi, robyn, russell brand, russian folk art, saez, savage garden, schwarz stein, sci-fi, se7en, seo taiji, seo taiji & boys, shiina ringo, silver ash, skins, space trilogy, spaced, sponge cola, sprinkler, star trek, the 4400, the 80s, the breeze, the colbert report, the daily show, the graham norton show, the history boys, the inbetweeners, the it crowd, the living end, the persian boy, the seed, the ultimate hitchhiker's guide, the vampire chronicles, thrifting, torchwood, trans fixion, tv, u2, utada, utada hikaru, vintage, virus, wang lee hom, where's my jetpack?, willy denzey, wiretap in my ear, writing, x-japan, yg family