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Forget about my childhood being raped by movie remakes, my teenage-hood has been molested by its own self! ...Dir en grey re-recorded "Zan"!?!?! Musically it sounds pretty close to the original, but vocally... Oh my goodness *clutching my pearls*. I haven't really listened to anything new from Dir en grey since like 2005 or so, but I'd read that their sound became more metal and, yeah... That low guttural growl just doesn't really appeal to me. It's okay for maybe a couple words to emphasize something, but when it's the *whole* song? No thanks. By growling through most of the "singing" in this remake, the song has lost the frantic craziness that I liked so much in the original. I must say though, I'm impressed by the really, really deep sounding growly vocals. I was like "OMG no way that's Kyo!! O_O". It barely sounds human to me lol.

And the original, for comparison:

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