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What the what?! (blindsided by...racism?)

My dad collects antique/vintage bottles. Today we were at a flea market and this elderly man who was selling stuff pointed to another vendor a few isles over (who we've bought stuff from before; he's from like, Massachusetts, or Connecticut, or somewhere in that area) and told my dad that the guy had a large bottle with an unusual shape. When we eventually got over to the guy he had all his items covered with a large blue tarp (it had sprinkled a little tiny bit earlier, but wasn't at the time). My dad explained what the old man had told him and the guy basically said he didn't know if he had a bottle or not, and wasn't sure what all was under his tarp (What? How can he not know what he's selling??). My dad jokingly asked "Someone else unpacks it and you just sell it, huh?". The guy just kinda shrugged it off with a "Yeah". My dad turned around to me and said "Looks like we were steered in the wrong direction". We had half turned around to walk away when the guy said "Well, it coulda been worse. I coulda been an African-American and you'd have to talk to me". ...You know sometimes when you hear something that just catches you so off guard it takes a while for you to really register what was said? Yeah, that's what happened. We took a few steps away before what he said actually hit me. I turned to my dad and was like "What did he mean by that??" and repeated what he'd said. I think it didn't register for my dad until I repeated it to him. We both shared this confused look; we were puzzled. Too much time had gone by to turn back around and ask what he'd meant by it, so I'm left to assume that either he's racist or, for whatever reason, he assumed my dad was racist and would somehow agree with and/or approve of what he said. Either way... WTF?!?!

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